Australia is the world’s second largest gold producer, mining More than 280 tonnes of gold in 2016.

Gold mining is the second largest employer in the mining sector, providing jobs (directly and related) for more than 55 000 Australians.

The gold industry provides the economic lifeblood to many regional communities. Australia's gold miners pay more than $400 million in taxes and royalties each year which helps to build vital infrastructure and fund essential community services.

As Australia's third largest export industry, the gold industry generates annual exports in excess of $16 billion. 

Western Australia

WA’s 40 gold mines operate within regional communities producing more than 70% of Australia’s gold. 

In 2014, gold was the second most valuable mineral in Western Australia with production sales of $8.7 billion.

Gold is our third largest export industry, totaling $16 billion in exports in 2015/16.

More than 70% of Australian gold royalties are paid to the Government of Western Australia and in 2014/15 more than $400 million in state royalties and taxes were paid.