The Heart Of Our State

The Gold Royalties Response Group (GRRG) was established in 2013 by Cannings Purple to represent the interests of Western Australian gold producers in response to the State Government’s mineral royalty review. 

The GRRG launched the #heartofgold campaign in 2014 featuring the people of gold mining and their community contributions, influencing the Government to not increase gold royalties in 2015.

The educational campaign harnessed the Western Australian community and significantly built awareness of the socio-economic contributions of the gold industry. It was instrumental in providing a strong and united voice for the gold industry. Not only did it significantly increase the public profile of the industry and educate on its importance, but it increased awareness of the challenges faced by the industry. 

Research conducted prior to the campaign showed understanding of the gold industry and its contributions was low. After three months of the positive education campaign commencing, messages had reached 80% of Perth’s population significantly changing public perception. 64% of people reported changing the way they thought about the industry and 78% of people reported learning something new about gold mining.

The influential #heartofgold campaign was recognised nationally and internationally winning the Asia Pacific Excellence 'Association' Award, the GovRels Government Relations Digital Campaign of the Year Award, and the national and state PRIA Award for best Integrated Marketing and Communications Strategy. 

The success of the #heartofgold campaign proved the great benefit of the gold industry working together. As a result, the Gold Industry Group was founded by GRRG members to continue to champion the gold industry in Australia.

The online gold community lives on and you can join us on Facebook to engage with industry colleagues and keep up with the latest news and community initiatives.