Last month Gold Industry Group member ABC Bullion launched its Gold Saver; a direct debit savings plan linked to physical gold and silver assets.

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver works like a traditional savings account but instead of saving in Australian dollars, funds are invested in gold or silver.

ABC Bullion Managing Director Janie Simpson says the account was created to break down the perceived barriers that surround investing in precious metals. 

“Gold prices have risen more than 8.5% per annum for the last 15 years and the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut the cash rate to a record low of 1.75%.

“As a nation, we’re also the second largest producer of gold globally.  Yet despite this wealth at our fingertips, we don’t value gold like many of our neighbours across the Asia Pacific region.

“Given gold’s long-term performance, we created The ABC Bullion Gold Saver to make it easy for anyone to build their savings in precious metals. Any Australian can start with as little as $50 a week.”

“Our 60 year heritage in the industry tells us that one of the biggest hurdles to investing in precious metals is the question ‘what do I do with the product once purchased?’

“The ABC Bullion Gold Saver makes things simple by linking a client’s bank account to the metals directly.  It opens a new investment door that we’re incredibly excited to bring to market,” added Mrs Simpson. 

ABC Bullion Chief Economist Jordan Eliseo says precious metals have a great track record of preserving and growing wealth in the long run, with their value historically rising over the long term. 

“Gold has been one of the best performing asset classes of the last 15 years, building wealth far faster than cash or term deposits.  With interest rates at record lows, the case for saving in precious metals has never been stronger.”

To access The ABC Bullion Gold Saver, individuals simply open a free account with ABC Bullion. Users then link their existing bank account to their ABC Bullion Gold Saver account through direct debit payments. The process is completed through the ABC Bullion website and is supported by CommBANK BPOINT technology. Once underway, ABC Bullion converts the funds into gold and silver upon receipt, with savings growing as the prices of gold and silver rise. 

For more information about investing in The ABC Bullion Gold Saver visit