Perth #heartofgold Discovery Trail

UnEArth the city's golden secrets 

The #heartofgold Discovery Trail will take you on an interactive gold adventure through Perth city, with augmented reality, fun widgets, timeless photos, and remarkable audio and video stories via the free Heart of Gold Australia app.

Starting at the famous Golden Eagle Nugget replica in Elizabeth Quay, discover Perth's golden secrets as you go back in time - from today's world class mines to the early gold rushes of the 1890's - visiting 12 locations to The Perth Mint.

The self-guided trail will excite and entertain people of all ages who visit the city, as they learn its golden story and how gold changed the cityscape and secured the economic future of Western Australia and the nation. 

Trailblazers will receive a commemorative #heartofgold medallion on completion of the trail at The Perth Mint, and you could strike it lucky and win a real Ramelius Resources gold nugget!*

You can also continue your journey from Perth to the golden outback on Kalgoorlie's #heartofgold Discovery Trail.

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News and teacher resources

The #heartofgold Discovery Trail provides a fun, interactive and educational experience for school students to learn about the rich history and importance of gold to the development of Perth and the State.

We encourage teachers from year 5 to take their students on the trail, which combines learning with technology and the outdoors, offering a great option for a class excursion. Lessons plans linked to the Australian Curriculum have been developed in addition to the trails for years 4, 5, 7, 8 and year 9 students, however the trails will appeal to students from the age of 8 years. 

Teachers can book a gold trail demonstration, get trail and excursion tips, download resources and find out about our latest news and events.

Thanks to Perth #heartofgold Discovery Trail sponsors

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