Join the Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism (FACET) in celebrating our parks at their 2017 Conference from 9 - 11 October.   

FACET is dedicated to encouraging people to experience and enjoy Western Australia's extraordinary natural and cultural landscapes and is working with the Western Australian Parks Foundation to celebrate, promote, protect and enrich our parks.

The conference will deliver an exciting, informative and innovative program and provide a platform to raise awareness and appreciation of our unique and ancient landscapes.

Participants can also explore opportunities for communities to connect with our parks.  It will showcase the work of the WA Parks Foundation and explain how it will support our parks, based on other similar parks foundations around the world.

The program will promote new initiatives to connect people with parks, celebrate Aboriginal culture and joint management programs and explore ways to engage communities, visitors and business with WA's parks and wildlife.

The Gold Industry Group is a proud supporter of FACET.  GIG members can attend at the FACET member price.

To find out more and register visit the FACET website.