Australia is the world’s second largest gold producer, mining More than 300 tonnes of gold in 2017/18.

Gold mining is the second largest employer in the mining sector, providing jobs (directly and related) for more than 55,000 Australians.

The gold industry provides the economic lifeblood to many regional communities. Australia's gold miners pay more than $400 million in taxes and royalties each year which helps to build vital infrastructure and fund essential community services.

Australia has the world’s largest economic demonstrated resources (EDR) of gold at 10,070 tonnes or 18% of the total global EDR. As Australia's fourth largest export commodity, the gold industry generates annual exports in excess of $20 billion. 

There are currently 71 operating gold projects in Australia including 14 of the world’s largest, 11 of which are in Western Australia accounting for 68% of the nations gold production.

More than 80,000 people live in gold mining towns or regions across the country with some 23,000 people directly employed by this sector.

Through the generation of wealth and creation of jobs, gold mining contributed more than $13.4 billion to the economy in 2016/17.

Of all expenditure on mineral exploration in Australia, gold explorers and miners invested 41%, which was valued at $891 million in 2018.

Golden Nation

The results from a study conducted by Deloitte Access Economics into the gold industry were released in May 2016, revealing its significant contribution to Australia’s history, economic development and social advancement. The research affirmed the gold industry’s importance to the sustainability, social fabric and financial future of the nation and its most remote regional communities.

Download Deloitte's Golden Nation report on the gold industry's economic and social contribution to Australia.