Australia - 17% of globally known gold resources

largest share of resources in the world

ECONOMY - Gold mining contributed $19 Billion to australia's economy in 2018/19

Exploration - gold accounts for 45% of Australia's metals and minerals exploration spend

Gold miners spent $964 million on exploration in 2018/19

Annual exports - $20.2 billion in 2017/18

Australia’s 3rd largest export industry with exports to more than 55 countries

66 Gold mines – produced more than 321 tonnes in 2018/19, accounting for around 9% of global gold production

Australia is the 2nd largest gold producer in the world, of which WA Produces around 70% (or AUD $673 million) of Australia’s gold

Jobs - more than 55,000 people, of which more than 28,000 are directly employed

Mining industry’s 2nd largest employer with more than 80 000 people living in Gold mining towns or regions 


Gold permeates our everyday lives!

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