Innovative mining recruiter IRP Resources is the latest company to join the Gold Industry Group’s growing member base.

IRP’s Mining Manager Andrei Sarpe said the company was excited to be a part of an industry group that shares the same passion for the gold sector. 

“Being a member of the Gold Industry Group is testament to IRP’s vision of being a leader in the gold mining sector, by supporting our clients in growing their business with valuable labour solutions,” said Andrei.

“The gold sector has been a major influence in forming the landscape of Western Australia and we strongly believe that this will continue well into the future. 

“As a Western Australian owned and operated recruitment agency, we are proud to be proactively involved in the gold sector and look forward to being an integral part of its future.”

Andrei indicated job opportunities in the Australian mining industry have gone through several significant changes over the past six years, which can be broken down to three major stages: 

  • Stage 1: prior to 2010 we had enormous demand for workers and an inadequate supply. 
  • Stage 2 (2011 – 2014): when eventually the mining boom finished we immediately experienced a period of negative demand for workers. 
  • Stage 3 (early 2015 – late 2016): the reconciliation period, as the market started to recover, the demand for and supply of workers rebalanced in some disciplines, especially the gold sector. 

With the current growth within the gold sector, IRP are now seeing similar employment demand patterns experienced during stage one. 

“The current activity within the gold sector is contributing to a spike in demand for quality labour within Western Australia once again and this cycle is now reaching a tipping point where shortages in labour are again evident and beginning to affect our clients’ current and future operations,” said Andrei.

“Employing the right people in the right roles is critical in building great organisations and we are delighted to work with IRP to support the gold industry and our members,” said Gold Industry Group Chairperson Richard Hayes.

“We look forward to working with the Gold Industry Group and its members in 2017 to support and promote the gold sector throughout Western Australia,” said Andrei.  

About IRP Resources

IRP Resources develops innovative, tailored solutions for human capital and talent sourcing to find the right person, for the right job at the right time.    

Its proactive approach to candidate sourcing ensures it is constantly building high-quality talent pools to stay ahead of forecasted trends and demands within the gold industry.

This involves working with its clients conducting market mapping to assess specific industry dynamics and the quality of the talent pool within particular sectors, and then reporting back invaluable insights.