• Hyatt Regency Perth Hotel (map)
  • 99 Adelaide Terrace
  • East Perth, WA, 6004
  • Australia
Stuart Mathews

Hear from Gold Fields Australia Executive Vice President Stuart Mathews at the WA Mining Club's lunch on 27 July.

The Gold Industry Group will join the WA Mining Club at the Hyatt Regency Perth Hotel for an update on founding member Gold Fields Australia.

Stuart Mathews is an international mining professional with 25 years’ experience having worked in Australia (Queensland, NSW, WA), Mexico and New Zealand.

Stuart has a Master of Science (Geology) from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He has progressed through geology ranks to Geology Manager level and in the last 12 years worked in project development and general operations management to COO level.

Stuart joined Gold Fields in mid-2013 initially at St Ives, then General Manager at Granny Smith Mine then Vice President Operations: Australia. From 1st February 2017 Stuart took over the position of Executive Vice President: Australasia.