Gold Fields' Granny Smith gold miners.

Gold Fields' Granny Smith gold miners.

The gold sector is the cornerstone of the mining industry in the Goldfields-Esperance region in Western Australia, creating employment opportunities in our regional towns.

Gold mining in WA dates back to the 1880s, contributing to the development of 120 town sites and settlements in regional areas, 20 of which still exist today. Mining also remains the single largest sector for employment within the Goldfields-Esperance region, directly supporting more than 20 per cent of the local population.

Founding Gold Industry Group member Gold Fields Limited is just one of the gold mining companies contributing to the prosperity and growth of our regional towns.  

As WA’s largest underground gold miner and the second largest producer, Gold Fields is proud to be a major contributor to the State and the nation. Gold Fields maintains a strong commitment to safety and sustainability and has been operating in WA for more than 14 years. They currently operate four mines across the State including Agnew/Lawlers, St Ives, Granny Smith and Darlot.

In 2014/15, Gold Fields produced more than one million ounces of gold, accounting for more than 46% of the company’s global gold production in 2014.  

As the main source of economic activity in many regional areas, Gold Fields provides employment opportunities for men and women in a wide range of skilled jobs. Gold Fields also supports local community services and recreation as well as indirectly encouraging local population and business growth across the retail, hospitality and services sectors.  

Gold Fields has recently captured a colourful snapshot of their operations in Australia in a book titled Gold Fields in the Goldfields - A short history of Gold Fields in Australia.

The hardcopy book reflects on the rich history of gold mining in Australia including key milestones and statistics and showcases the company’s current operations and the talented employees behind the scenes.

In addition to the narrative, a collection of historical photos and stunning aerial images of the mines tell the story of the triumphs and challenges of being a gold miner in the WA outback.

A digital version of the publication can be viewed online.

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