Nicholas Reid Hand Steeling at the 2014 National Mining Games Competition in Perth.

The WASM Wallabies will compete in the Intercollegiate Mining Games Competition (ICMC) in Montana next month thanks to proud sponsors in the community including Ramelius Resources and Gold Fields Australia.

Commonly known as the Mining Games, the competition was established in 1978 in memory of the 1972 Sunshine Mine disaster in Idaho. The annual event honours fallen miners from around the world and highlights the need for a continued focus on protecting the lives of every person working in mining. Each year students from mining schools across the globe compete in the ICMC. 

“This year we are excited to be sending two men’s team and one women’s team to compete and represent our sponsors at the prestigious competition held in Butte, Montana,” said WASM Wallabies President Daniel Lindsey.

“The ICMC comprises of events that seek to replicate some of the most common tasks in traditional mining such as gold panning, air legging, mucking and carting ore and constructing railroad tracks.”

The WASM Wallabies are strong competitors in mining events and have achieved several podium finishes over the years.

“We couldn’t continue to thrive without the assistance of our sponsors, typically local companies, whose generous support allows us to compete by covering the expenses of these trips as well as purchasing and maintaining our equipment and grounds,” said Daniel.

Ramelius Resources Managing Director Mark Zeptner said the WASM Wallabies enables students to connect with professionals and promotes mining to the next generation of students.

“The WASM Wallabies helps students to establish and build on essential skills such as teamwork, communication and commitment, which become instrumental when graduating and entering the workforce, " said Mark.

"Ramelius Resources is proud to sponsor the WASM Wallabies and best of luck to the three teams competing in the ICMC competition next month."

The WASM Wallabies is a student run organisation, founded in 2006 and based at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus in Perth, Western Australia.