Northern Star Resources and Saracen Mineral Holdings dug deep for this year’s Telethon, helping to raise a record-breaking $38 million for the Telethon Kids Institute to support research into children’s respiratory health.

Northern Star Resources Executive Chairman Bill Beament and Social Responsibility & External Relations Manager Guy Singleton announcing the company’s second annual donation.

The one-of-a-kind gold bar donated by Saracen Mineral Holdings to Telethon 2018.

In a non-stop 24-hour live broadcast from Perth’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Channel Seven Perth Telethon has appealed to the Western Australian public annually since 1968 with the help of celebrity guests and live acts.

Last year, Northern Star Resources donated a gold bar to be auctioned at the Telethon Ball and pledged $250,000. On Saturday night at this year’s event, Northern Star Resources Executive Chairman Bill Beament announced live that the company would again pledge $250,000, part of a total $1 million contribution over four years, which Northern Star Resources have committed in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute to support research into Children's Respiratory Health. The donation is the largest in the company’s history.

"Telethon is a uniquely special cause and one that rises above business and politics to benefit kids in need and their families all over Australia," said Mr Beament.

In June, Mr Beament also participated in Telethon Hawaiian – an annual event held in Broome WA – where the company’s auction item for Little Telethon Stars was an on-country experience camping with the Birriliburu Martu people at the remote Carnarvon Ranges, worth $28,000. It was the highest grossing item of the weekend, going for $50,000. The money raised at Telethon Hawaiian ultimately contributed $700,000 for Telethon 2018.

Saracen Mineral Holdings generously donated a 1 kilo gold bar at this year’s Telethon. The bar was comprised of gold from their WA gold mines at 99.99% purity. Refined by The Perth Mint and valued at $54,233, the bar was auctioned at the Telethon7 Ball on Saturday night and went for $72,000.

“We were thrilled that the gold bar donated to Telethon was successfully auctioned for $72,000 – a significant increase from its stated value of around $54,000. Auctioned as part of the Lexus Telethon Ball, which raised $1.7 million, I was very pleased that Saracen was able to play a part in that achievement,” said Saracen Mineral Holdings Managing Director Raleigh Finlayson.

“All of our employees and their families are based in Western Australia and Telethon is a Western Australian institution that benefits many people,” he continued.

Telethon’s annual event raises money for its beneficiaries by donations from private citizens and corporations, special fundraising events held throughout the year and the public auction of two specially built Telethon homes.