Gold Road Resources have had a long-term focus on ensuring their workforce has the skills and confidence to recognise and assist those experiencing mental illness. Today, they announced almost all employees are now trained in Mental Health First Aid, marking them as the first organisation in the mining industry to be gold accredited by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

Since beginning their journey to increase mental health awareness and leadership capability through participating in the Mental Health First Aid training courses in December 2017, Gold Road Resources has achieved almost total saturation, with 100% of its leaders and 80% of its employees now trained.

“It is great to be a part of an organisation that really is authentic and committed to the health and well being of its people and that authenticity and commitment is truly embedded in all levels of our organisation, from the Boardroom to the front line,” said Gold Road Resources General Manager – Capability and Culture and Gold Industry Group Director Stuart Jenner.

Gold Road Resources’ commitment to mental health is not a new step, as the company were one of the first Gold Industry Group members to participate in a mental health program with the Gold Industry Group’s community partner LIVIN, in June 2017.

“I am proud of Gold Road’s effort and commitment to educating the team on mental health issues.

“It’s opened my eyes in how to recognise and approach someone you may be concerned about. As an Aussie bloke this is not an easy thing to do,” said Gold Road Resources General Manager – Geology, John Donaldson.

Mental illness is an increased area of focus within the resources industry, with other organisations such as Gold Fields and Macmahon Holdings taking steps to safeguard their employees by also providing onsite training.

In collaboration with the Gold Industry Group, LIVIN’s mental health workshops will once again be made available on national tour taking place in March and April 2019, to help break the stigma attached to mental illness and give people the basic tools to seek help and help others.

Each year one in five Australians will experience a mental illness, impacting many of us either directly or indirectly, and two out of three suffering will suffer in silence.

General lack of knowledge and the stigma associated with mental illness is often what prevents people from seeking help early, seeking the best sort of help, or providing appropriate support to colleagues and family members, simply because they do not know how.

About Mental Health First Aid Australia

A national not-for-profit health promotion charity focused on mental health training and research, Mental Health First Aid Australia facilitates over 4,500 courses around the country each year with over 700,000 Australians now trained.

If you are suffering from a mental illness or know someone who is, contact your local GP or one of the services listed on the LIVIN website.