Danielle McLaughlin has recently joined the Ramelius Resources team as Site Administrator at their Vivien mine, located near Leinster in WA.

A resident of Leinster, Mrs McLaughlin has found her time working in the gold sector as a good move for her career. She made the leap of faith to uproot the young family from Sydney, in December 2016, following her husband’s fly-in, fly-out vocation.

“Despite having only been in the gold sector for a short time, the sense of security I get in my position has been hugely heartening.”

Mrs McLaughlin said the gold sector strongly supports the town of Leinster.

“Like most small communities, you rely on the bigger businesses to support local activities, fundraisers and the like. Our biggest events are the horse races which happen a few times a year,” she said.

“They also invest in things like sports and day care. It’s the little things that really make a difference. The companies are more than willing to make those investments to keep this community going.”

Similarly devoted to her new place of residence, Mrs McLaughlin has immersed herself in the running of the local opportunity shop as Secretary, with all proceeds going to the Royal Flying Doctors. She has assisted Leinster’s ISS Facility Services, and is also a member of the school P&C.  

“So having the gold industry here and having that extra support, definitely makes a big difference.”

Mrs McLaughlin said having the opportunity to work in the mining industry and operate standard work hours, without having to rely on the fly-in, fly-out lifestyle, is the best thing for her family and a great perk of the job. 

Gold mining first began in the area in 1897 and the town was established in 1976. Today, Leinster is home to some 700 gold and nickel mine workers. Leinster is a closed town so only people who work in Leinster can live there.