To mark the 2019 NAIDOC Week celebrations, KCGM unveiled a haul truck tray designed and painted by local Aboriginal artist Jason Dimer.

KCGM employees and families with the NAIDOC haul truck at the company’s Family Day in September.

Mr Dimer hand-painted the tray of the 793C Super Pit truck during 2019 NAIDOC Week with help from his wife Jeanette Dimer and daughter Vera-Sharhn Dimer.

The piece, titled Water, Earth, Heart, Wind & Fire features two native Australian animals, the snake and goanna and their connection to the Goldfields, the elements of water and fire and local food sources such as silky pears and quandong berries.

Mr Dimer said the design reflected the connection between mining, people and the environment, and he hoped the truck tray would serve as a visual reminder of the importance of reconciliation in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

“Across the many different practices around the world, whether it be cultural practices or even industry practices including mining, there is a common interaction between human beings and their environment by use of the four basic elements - water, earth, wind and fire which is driven by the fifth element of the heart,” Mr Dimer said.

“Reconciliation is going to be a long process. Small gestures of unification like this project will be a highly visual reminder that KCGM are serious about the reconciliation process in the Goldfields,” he concluded.

KCGM’s General Manager, Cecile Thaxter said it was important for the company to continue to work with the local community and invest in projects that encourage inclusion and diversity.

“KCGM is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can contribute to their fullest potential, and increasing representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the organisation to enhance business performance,” said Ms Thaxter.

KCGM also sponsored of a number of local NAIDOC Week initiatives, including local primary school celebrations, the Opening Ceremony held at Centennial Park and Elders Luncheon at Ray Finlayson Sporting Complex.