The WA Mining Club Young Professionals’ second networking event saw experienced members of the industry deconstruct the theme “Young Families Maintaining Mining Careers – The Real Golden Years”, providing the next generation of leaders with insight and lived experience on how to achieve and maintain a work-life balance.

Following their first and sold out event, the WA Mining Club Young Professionals’ second networking sundowner last month was also a sell out great success, with hundreds of industry representatives from leaders to graduates utilising the opportunity to network at The Westin Hotel in Perth.

After an opening address from the WA Mining Club Young Professionals Chair and Gold Road Resources People & Culture Business Partner Samantha Ware, three presentations from experienced industry members provided inspirational and educational insights into how to achieve and maintain a work-life balance.

These included Gold Road Resources Non-Executive Director and Fortescue Metal Group Co-Deputy Chairperson Sharon Warburton, Rio Tinto Program Manager Amy Brodie-Hall, Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Limited GM Brendon Brodie-Hall, I&E Systems Senior Control Systems Engineer Ben Levett and Gold Road Resources Principal Resource Geologist Jane Levett.

Each of the speakers candidly discussed their own experiences of raising a family whilst building a career in the mining industry, and although their stories and anecdotes differed there were five key takeaways they shared in common.

  • Communication: maintaining open and honest communication with your partner, your employer and your colleagues about what is achievable.

  • Flexibility: by both employer and employee in constructing a work-life balance, while remaining open minded about possible role or workplace changes. Don’t get stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach and be open to utilising the latest technology and tools to assist.

  • Managing expectations: about what is truly achievable and finding what works for you in terms of the methods to manage work and family.

  • Making time for yourself: overcoming the stigma about putting yourself first, it’s just as important as maintaining the balance for your workplace and family.

  • Learning to say ‘no’: recognising your capabilities within work-family constraints and being fair to yourselves and others about what is unachievable.

WA Mining Club President Kirsty Danby spoke highly of the newly formed committee, and its importance to the industry.

“The Young Professionals continue to demonstrate bold leadership and willingness to tackle challenging issues that are relevant to them. This is the first time I have witnessed such an open public discussion in the industry, and it was so worthwhile,” she said.

WA Mining Club Young Professionals Chair Samantha Ware was grateful to the event’s attendees for their support of the WA Mining Club Young Professionals’ initiatives thus far.

“We appreciate the continued support the WA resource sector has displayed since our launch in November 2018.

“We know that we are pushing the boundaries, and we are grateful for the support across all demographics of the mining industry. Not only are we engaging graduates and new the industry’s rising stars, but we are also getting support from CEOs and industry leaders.

“And we look forward to establishing opportunities to network and increase the diversity of thought through our events and initiatives this year,” Ms Ware said.

WA Mining Club Young Professionals Initiatives Lead Sean Taggart announced that a new industry project was underway with partner Grounded Construction Group. Based on feedback obtained from the industry’s FIFO workers, the Young Professionals were proud to announce the launch of ‘Design a Donga’. More information on this exciting venture will be released later in 2019.

Join other young industry professionals at their networking event for Q2, on Thursday 6 June 2019. To register, visit the website.

About the WA Mining Club Young Professionals

The WA Mining Club Young Professionals aspires to drive diversification and innovation within the mining industry, by supporting the growth and development of members and their careers through connection and collaboration. To become a member, or support the next generation of young leaders as annual partners and event sponsors contact