The Perth Mint has unveiled Australia’s greatest gold icon in New York City for a rare one day event on Tuesday 16 July to celebrate the official launch of The Perth Mint Physical Gold Exchange Traded Fund (NYSE Arca: AAAU) on the New York Stock Exchange.

The one-of-a-kind Australian Kangaroo One Tonne Gold Coin is recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest coin ever created. Tipping the scales at 1,000kg of 99.99% pure gold, and measuring 80cm wide and 13cm deep, this masterpiece of precious metal engineering and craftsmanship is valued at more than AUD60million.

Created to showcase Australian gold internationally, this sizeable treasure represents the natural riches to be found Down Under. It also symbolises the gold investment products issued by The Perth Mint on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia for investors the world over.

Having successfully taken Australian gold to the world for 120 years, The Perth Mint has accomplished many notable milestones, with its activities in New York yet another noteworthy achievement on the global stage said Perth Mint CEO Richard Hayes.

“To bring our award winning coin and our first exchange traded fund to the world’s largest financial market is something my colleagues in the Australian gold mining industry, at The Perth Mint, and I are particularly proud,” Mr Hayes said.

“It is an extraordinary occasion for an Australian organisation to be granted the honour of ringing the bell at the world’s most famous stock exchange,” Mr Hayes continued.

Australia is the world’s second greatest producer of gold and the leading exporter of newly mined gold. Processing nearly all of the country’s gold output, The Perth Mint is the largest refiner of newly mined gold globally and one of the top five suppliers of bullion to international markets. In the multi-billion dollar Australian gold mining industry, The Perth Mint is a pivotal player and well positioned at the fore of the dynamic investment markets. 

Trusted by institutional and individual private investors, The Perth Mint provides direct access to ethical gold for which Australia is renowned. The AAAU ETF is its latest move to take Australian gold global.

“Given the maturity of the American market and the understanding by US investors of the importance of holding gold in any wealth portfolio, it was an obvious choice to bring AAAU to market in the world’s share trading capital,” Mr Hayes said.

“The fund may be considered a modern investment option for even the most conservative of investors as it offers several features which potentially provide investors with comfort that their gold is easily accessible and safeguarded.

 “Every AAAU share is backed by physical gold stored in our central bank grade vaulting facilities in Perth, so at any time investors may choose to exchange part or their entire holdings for a delivery of physical gold to their door.

“Even more importantly, the physical gold that backs each AAAU share is guaranteed by our sovereign owner, the Government of Western Australia.

“To demonstrate the integrity and scale of our operations, as well as the quality of our gold products for which investors may exchange their AAAU shares, we have brought the one tonne coin to New York,” he continued.