KCGM have launched an innovative three-year project in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, where the public can give feedback and share ideas, to better understand the community’s sentiment toward its operations.

The project, called Local Voices, invites community members to take part in face-to-face consultations and confidential surveys. This data is then collected, analysed and made publicly available so that people can see the direct impact and benefit of their feedback in influencing KCGM’s business decisions.

Local Voices also allows local community organisations and groups to benefit financially through the project. When participants complete surveys, they receive tokens which they can allocate to one or more eligible not-for-profit community groups that have registered via the project web page. Community groups can then cash these tokens in at any time for money.

KCGM General Manager Cecile Thaxter said KCGM is excited to hear what the community have to say.

“Local Voices provides a platform for the people of Kalgoorlie-Boulder to have a direct voice in expressing their views on our operations, which not only helps us to better understand what’s important to the community, but also helps residents to better understand us as a business. KCGM and Kalgoorlie-Boulder are inherently linked and our goal is to have a transparent and trusting relationship with the people of this incredible city.

“In our 30th year of operation, we have shared a great history with this community, though I am most excited by our future. With a focus on the growth of our people and our resource, having a deeper understanding of the community will be critical to achieving this and ensuring that value is created for everyone.

“We encourage everyone to have their say in these surveys – both positive and negative – as we work towards building a stronger foundation together. We look forward to sharing more exciting updates on this project as it progresses!” said Ms Thaxter.

More information, including access to the survey and community group registration portal, can be found on the website.