Brink’s is the first international secure logistics provider to join the Gold Industry Group.

Brink’s has been managing risk for clients around the world for more than 150 years. They work closely with the mining community, refineries, financial institutions, banks, retailers, diamond and jewellery dealers, pharmaceutical and securities companies in more than 100 countries. 

“Our longstanding knowledge and expertise in managing risk while supporting global mining operations sees us well placed to protect and move valuable mineral assets such as precious metals and gem stones across the globe safely, securely and efficiently,” said Global Services Manager Duncan Robertson.

“Brink’s has operated in Australia since 1990 and is proud to be a major service provider for the Australian gold mining industry, employing staff in Kalgoorlie, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne,” he said.

Gold Industry Group Chairman Richard Hayes is pleased to welcome Brink’s as a new member.

“The Gold Industry Group is about the industry as a whole. We represent the entire gold value chain so we are thrilled to have the support of Brink’s,” said Richard.

Brink’s safely transports precious metals from the mine to refinery and into the traditional and emerging trading networks where it can be used for investment, manufacturing or onward distribution. 

“We are a part of the process, proactively protecting our customers’ interests by leveraging our market expertise and security experience to help them comply with industry trading standards,” Duncan said.

“Brink’s also has an established world-wide network of relationships and contacts with refineries, assay offices, precious metals trading companies and bullion banks alongside partnerships with insurance companies and new sensory technology organisations that help drive added efficiencies and savings to mining companies,” he said.