Perth based Macmahon Holdings is the latest mining contractor to join the Gold Industry Group.

With an extensive and successful track record operating at some of the world’s largest gold mines, Macmahon is well versed on the importance of the gold sector in Australia and the impact that the industry has on the global economy. 

“Gold has been one of the few commodities to receive steady pricing support over the past couple of years,” Macmahon CEO, Sy van Dyk said today.

“This support has provided ongoing opportunities for a broad range of service providers right across the value chain.

“This has been extremely important for the ongoing health of the sector and also for Western Australia, where mining is clearly an integral part of the state economy.

“As a major international mining contractor, with a significant exposure to the gold sector, we are thrilled to join the Gold Industry Group to assist with its mission of championing the needs of the Gold sector and the people and communities which it supports,” he said.

Gold Industry Group Chairman Richard Hayes welcomed Macmahon as a new member.

“It’s great to see the industry throwing their support behind the Gold Industry Group and we’re delighted to have Macmahon join us,” said Richard.

“The gold industry plays a critical role in our country employing more than 50 000 people Australia wide (directly and indirectly) and is our third largest export industry.

“It’s important to understand the entire gold value chain, including gold mining, refining, fabrication and consumption, and the fundamental role gold plays in advancing economic development and ultimately the needs of society.

“As the second largest gold producing country in the world, we have a great opportunity to increase the profile of gold as an industry, currency and commodity in Australia. 

“I’m really excited to proactively champion our industry and I encourage businesses in gold to join us,” said Richard.

Macmahon provides a full range of mining services, including surface and underground operations, to clients both in Australia and overseas.

The Company is currently operating at the following gold projects:

  • Tropicana Gold Mine, which is located 330 km’s north east of Kalgoorlie in WA for Anglo Gold Ashanti / Independence Group joint venture
  • Telfer Gold Mine, which is located in the east Pilbara region of WA for Newcrest Mining Limited
  • St Ives Gold Mine, which is located 20kms south east of Kambalda in WA for Gold Fields Australia
  • Martabe Gold mine, which is located in the North Sumatran province of Indonesia for PT Agincourt.